Membership Boundaries

Originally, our boundaries were set up to follow the South Loop Elementary School’s boundaries, which have since changed. As fast-growing as our neighborhood is, it’s possible they may change again, so SLMNT has chosen to maintain the original boundaries in order to maintain continuity. Playgroups are almost always walkable and it’s our goal to keep the area fairly small so events are accessible for all. If a member moves outside of the boundaries, they are grandfathered into the group, so long as they continue to pay the annual membership fee.slmnt_map

NORTH: Congress Ave

EAST:  Lake Michigan

SOUTH: Cermak Road

WEST: Canal Street



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South Loop Moms n’ Tots

Chicago, IL
133 Moms

Purpose and Guidelines for SLMNT Purpose: Support and offer friendship to one another in our role as mothers Plan fun activities to do with our children Recruit and welcome n…

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