Member Info and FAQ

What are membership requirements? In short – if you reside within our membership boundaries and have at least one child aged 5 or under, you are eligible for membership.  You’ll need to submit annual dues of $60 (or $30 after July 1) after contacting us.  Members are expected to contribute by volunteering or hosting a meetup at least twice a year.  Fulfilling this requirement could mean hosting in your home, but you can also invite others to meet up at a public space or even help set up/clean up for a special event. You can look at past events on the calendar to get ideas. If you haven’t already, please review the group purpose and guidelines for information on eligibility and member requirements.


How do I RSVP to events?  Once you’ve joined, you’ll use to view our events and view the calendar. To RSVP your attendance, simply click RSVP Now.  When you RSVP for a playgroup or event be sure to ONLY ADD A GUEST if you are bringing another adult and then in the COMMENTS section please list any kiddos that will be attending. Most playgroups will be full and many have a waitlist. But if you are interested to go, please do add yourself to the waitlist!! Many times moms will have to cancel due to some unexpected illness or event (don’t we all know how that goes?) and a spot will open up. Or a host may decide to invite the waitlist group as well if she feels it will work in her home.

What if I have to cancel? If for some reason you find that you can’t make it to a playgroup, please be sure to change your RSVP right away and let the host know by email or text if it’s the day of Playgroup – How does that work? The at-home playgroups are probably our most popular events each week.

How do I host a playgroup? When you’re ready to host a playgroup of your own, you simply wait for the Calendar Coordinator to request playgroup volunteers, usually in two month segments. Please provide the date, time, place,  and the number of moms and/or kids you think your venue can accommodate. Any number is fine – we all have smallish places living in the city, but always find room to have fun!  You can host at home or a playground, restaurant, museum, etc. – you get to pick what works best for you.  Inform us of what you would like to provide – the most common is some light snacks for the moms and kids, as well as an age appropriate activity. When you host, you should email the moms who RSVPed a day or two ahead of time. You can do this by selecting ‘Email Attendees’ on the right side of your playgroup page. It’s always nice to include driving directions, stroller parking, how to access your building, and/or if you have pets. You might also consider including moms on the wait list incase there is a last minute cancellation. Then, just get out some toys and the kids take it from there!

Are there larger member events and parties? We have some great parties! One of the main reasons we charge annual dues is to pay for some special events throughout the year. Our Events Committee members choose a different venue for each event. We host a variety of holiday and seasonal events.  Please watch for announcements for upcoming parties on our mailing list. Sometimes the Events Committee Members will request help with the party, which is a great way to volunteer to help the group – which is one of our requirements for membership – and an easy way to get to know more members!


How do I contact members or ask questions?  

Mailing List– Our mailing list is the quickest way to reach out to other moms- have something to give away, or a question for the group?  Use the mailing list feature (under “Discussions” on Meetup.) This will send an email to all members of the group.  You can change your PERSONAL EMAIL SETTINGS if you feel that you are receiving too many emails from Meetup. All you have to do is go to Members > My Profile > Email Settings (in blue) and then you can select what type of emails you would like to receive. Uncheck reminders if you don’t like getting emails of every playgroup and you can even receive all the mailing list posts in one daily email.

Message Boards– This is the place to find recommendations that seem to be reccurring topics in our group (ie babysitters/ plumbers/school info). This information will be updated quarterly, but any one can post new information and you can track any topics that you are interested in. If you are interested in specific topics or forum you should select it and then ‘TRACK THIS FORUM’. You will then receive an email when another mom adds a post.

Files– If you’re feeling nostalgic, any past documents can be found here- including archived newsletters and meeting minutes.

a few more tips specific to Meetup:

-you can upload photo files from an event after you attend

-contact other members directly by clicking on their name

-sync events you’ve RSVP’d for directly to your calendar (Outlook, iCal, Google, Yahoo)


What’s MNO? – Moms Night Out (or sometimes Moms Morning Out) is a chance for us to get out together only as WOMEN and FRIENDS – not Moms! Pack your cute little purse – no big diaper bag, – take a few minutes to do your hair and put on some makeup and your favorite outfit -that you don’t have to worry about splatters of food flying your way – and join us for a dinner, movie, birthday brunch or other type of entertaining night/morning out!


Committee Moms & Planning Meetings – All of our group’s activities are made possible through the volunteer efforts of our committee moms. They meet bi-monthly on the third Monday of the month to discuss the new calendar and any other issues facing the group. ALL MEMBERS are welcome at the planning meetings. Agendas are sent to the group the week prior to the meeting and minutes are sent afterward. If you cannot attend, but want to add your voice to any discussion, please do share your thoughts with one of the committee moms.


What if my family moves outside of the membership boundaries?

Members who joined while residing in the neighborhood are grandfathered in – so you’ll be welcome to continue participating and maintain membership even if you move.


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