Gotta Have It!


As parents, we are bombarded with new products all the time. It starts with friends or family sharing ideas of what they’ve found most useful as a parent. We see ads in parenting magazines or the latest and greatest products on TV. We register for many exciting, new things as we await the arrival of our little bundle of joy. Some things we need (carseat, crib, stroller) and some we might not (wipes warmer, one more baby blanket), you get the picture!

As time goes by, we realize what we as parents and our children need and use the most. Every so often, we find a product that changes everything and we wonder why we didn’t invent it ourselves!

Here are a few products that fellow SLMNT moms and children find most useful (and maybe wish they’d thought of first)!

(1) The Ride Safer 3 Travel Vest is the continuation in the line of travel vests from Safe Traffic System, Inc. It’s an alternative form of child restraint for situations where traditional carseats or belt positioning boosters may not work, such as narrow 3-across situations, air travel, grandparents’ vehicles, or infrequent carpools. The travel vest is lightweight and highly portable, which makes it popular as a vacation “seat.

What our SLMNT Mom KayCee had to say about this product: We often bike around, and I have two carseat alternatives that fit in our backpack just in case of emergency. We also use these to take cabs, Zipcars, or Lyfts on a regular basis. The vest is legal for children 3 years, 30 pounds and up, and our version fits both my 3 year old and 5 year old. Jack calls it his astronaut vest. I read at one point that it actually crash tested better than a booster, because the foam panel over the chest distributes impact well, and the child is at a lower center of gravity.



(2) The KABOOST is a portable, adjustable chair booster with four spring-loaded arms that fit snugly under the legs of kitchen and dining chairs, lifting the entire chair 4.5″ or 3.75″ (same heights as standard booster seats). No more big, bulky booster chairs – now your child can sit at the table just like a big kid. KABOOST snaps onto the chair in just seconds, and it doesn’t matter if the chair legs are round or square. Its spring-loaded arms firmly grip the legs, staying attached even when the chair is moved or repositioned, and KABOOST’s nonslip, rubberized feet won’t scratch floors. With a choice of 3 different colors, your kitchen and dining rooms will look great with KABOOST.

What our SLMNT Mom Suzi had to say about this product: This is definitely one of the best products we’ve ever owned. Not only are these designed very well, but they fit every chair. We can take them with us if we know we are having dinner at someone’s house that might not have “child” seating. They offer two heights (perfect for an “almost tall enough” child as well as for a littler child transitioning from a high chair). They don’t tip like a booster or get lots of food and gunk stuck in them. They wash up in the dishwasher in a snap and allow each person to sit at the table in a chair that is just perfect for them!


(3) The bumGenius Diaper Sprayer by Rinseworks™ is a fresh, new way to clean cloth diapers! Its high-pressure sprayer easily rinses clean the messiest diapers. No more dunking! The bumGenius diaper sprayer is perfect for rinsing potty chairs while the adjustable control setting is gentle enough for personal hygiene, making it a must-have for any family using reusable cloth diapers. Easy to install too!!

What our SLMNT Mom Mary had to say about this product: A must- have if using cloth diapers and for potty training! I received this diaper sprayer as a baby shower gift from a cloth diapering mom. She swore by it and it’s no wonder! It does the job of spraying mess off diapers and underpants with ease- like a little power washer!


(4) The Door Monkey‘s unique design automatically locks interior doors in a slightly cracked position. This helps protect little fingers from painful door pinch injuries and allows fresh air to circulate through the secured room. The Door Monkey works with
any style of door knob or lever. The adjustable height and easy operation make it a perfect solution for kids with younger siblings. The Door Monkey also works
great for keeping pets in or out of a room, while still providing the benefits of
fresh air circulation.

What our SLMNT Mom Mary had to say about this product: Recently, I was introduced to the door monkey from another SLMNT mom and I love it! This door lock/pinch stopper was a great asset at my last playgroup in my home. I was able to lock the kids out of my master bedroom during the playgroup and stop any finger pinches. The Door Monkey’s unique design automatically locks interior doors in a slightly cracked position. This helps protect little fingers from door pinch injuries, allows air to circulate through the room, and keeps small children out of dangerous rooms with ease. The Door Monkey works with any style of door knob or lever too! How did I ever live without this!


If you have any great products to share please consider pasting a link in the comments section for others to see. Thanks to everyone that contributed to this blog post.

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