Mad Science!

On these colder, dreary days, I always forget how easy it is to entertain the girls with a few simple items you probably have in your cabinets.

When the girls were babies, I would get a bucket or larger water proof container (sand bucket, bath tub, whatever you can find). I’d fill it with warmer water and a little tear free shampoo or dishwashing soap (we use the all natural glycerin based, so it’s okay if it ends up in the nooks & crannies our kids find to put things, like mouths & noses). With a few plastic bowls or cups, they would easily spend an hour playing & splashing, and I could get the dishes done, mail a letter or *gasp* take a photo of them and just enjoy their joy.

This morning we cracked open a gift from Hana’s fourth birthday, Fizzy Foamy Science. We did a few of the experiments, including adding citric acid or baking soda to water, soapy water, or oil, and changing the color of the liquid with little tablets that came in the box.

And then I let the scientist’s loose. I gave them little bowls of lemon juice, vinegar, baking soda, salt, baking powder, and powdered sugar. The only directions were to use one spoon for stirring, and the others for measuring (so that the dry ingredients don’t get clumpy on the spoon), have fun, and talk about what they were experiencing.

We found out that oil is lighter than water, red and blue make purple, and it’s easier to make bubbles with dish soap than just plain water. Vinegar smells funny. How to giggle at HUGE bubbles. Pure joy. It’s activities like these that make me so happy to be with my girls, even if the sun won’t come play today! Post pictures of what you end up experimenting with! (I promise the mess is worth it, especially if you do it on the kitchen counter on top of cookie sheets, or better yet, in the bathtub!) And mix up the ingredients – what about flour? cream of tartar? corn starch? So much fun to be had!



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