Halloween Charity

For all of you attending the Halloween Party on Friday, or the parade on Sunday there is an opportunity to have lots of fun and also to participate in a charity fund-raiser. We will be providing little boxes for the children to decorate and use to collect funds for the Samiya Patel Memorial Fund for Child Life. The boxes/bags can accompany your child while trick or treating to collect money in addition to candy.

Once you are completed with the collection, you can call either Sandy or Jess (contact info is in the yahoo group) and either of us would be happy to pick up the boxes or you can certainly drop them off at either of our homes. Once we have all the boxes we will submit the money to our Treasurer who will in turn write a check for the charity. We will let everyone know the funds that were collected.

Thanks in advance to anyone who will be participating in this event that in some small way will show our heart-felt support to the Patel Family. Following is the story of Samiya for anyone who missed the original emails.

Dear Family & Friends,
Thank you all for your emails and messages during this difficult time in our lives. We appreciate all of the love that has been sent our way. Now that family has left, the realities of the last week are beginning to settle in and we are trying to process everything that occurred. We are trying to figure out how to pick ourselves up from this event – we know it is going to take time. Many of you have asked what happened – we have provided a quick story of Samiya below.

Many friends and family have also asked us about donations in Samiya’s name. We found the Child Life department at the University of Chicago Hospital to be very helpful to us. They helped us create a memory box that we will have with us forever to remember Samiya – including hand/foot prints, hand molds, locks of hair. Although Samiya is gone, we are grateful for the memories we have of her and want to make sure the NICU department for Child Life can continue to provide such services to other families that face a similar situation to ours.

Please send any donations to the Samiya Patel Memorial Fund for Child Life. Donations may be made in any of the following 3 manners:

a) Online

http://www.supportucmc.uchicago.edu (click Make a Gift) or http://www.uchicagokidshospital.org/contribute/donate/index.html (click Donate)

If you choose to donate online, please be sure to designate“Samiya Patel Memorial Fund for Child Life 33702” as the “Donor Specified” area of support.
b) Mail checks or money orders to:
Abbe L. Temkin
Samiya Patel Memorial Fund for Child Life
University of Chicago, Medical Center Development
1170 East 58th St., Suite 206
Chicago, IL 60637

c) By Credit Card – you may call Jessica Auer, Project Assistant at 773-702-3257. Please specify it is for the Samiya Patel Memorial Fund for Child Life.

Once again, thank you for your support and messages.
The Patel Family

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