Hunting in the Loop

As we can all probably agree, living in the city is great. There’s so much to do and see. Whether it be children’s events around town, shows and restaurants for adults or fantastic family activities, Chicago has a lot to offer.

With that said, we can officially add “hunting” to the list of activities offered in and around the city. Now, if some of you are scratching your heads, I can understand, but bear with me!

Whether we are stay at home moms, working moms or just simply super busy moms, we all find ourselves in and around town with the kids day in and day out. Why not arm your little one(s) with a camera and go hunting! You can hunt for shapes, colors, things that begin with a particular letter, the entire alphabet, construction vehicles, things with numbers, modes of transportation, types of leaves/plants and so much more!

Allowing your little one to take photos from their point of view is exciting for them and a really fun way for them to learn. Then simply print the photos and add them to a small, inexpensive photo book. Your little one instantly has a new book that they made and can use independently. For older children, they can label their photos and read what they took photos of.

Recently, we went on a “circle hunt” just within a block of our building. The girls took 41 photos of circles they found. We printed them, displayed them at home and labeled what we discovered on our hunt. Although my older girls know their shapes, extending the activity to include recognizing their surroundings, taking photos, labeling them (with inventive spelling) and writing about their discoveries, made it a little more age appropriate (but still lots of fun too)!

So—get out those cameras and go hunting in the city! There’s so much to discover.

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