Exciting Openings Friday.

Friday, September 9, we have two very special openings around the South Loop.

Trader Joe’s (corner of Roosevelt and Wabash) has its grand opening at 8am. TJ’s is a great addition to our neighborhood with good quality food and great prices.  What I most like about TJ’s is that they are not only great for our everyday meals (great frozen selection and healthy snacks), but it’s also great for when you’re entertaining guests. You can’t beat their wine and specialty cheese prices.

Welcome to the neighborhood Trader Joe’s!

Another special event tomorrow is the Prairie Art Group opening at the Prairie Avenue Gallery located at The Historic Keith Mansion (1900 S Prairie – 6-10pm).
Art Show coming!
It’s special because it’s a group created by one of our moms, Sheli H, and we have three other moms showing their work at this show: Bindi L., Anna S. and I.

Come and join us!

BTW… Prairie Art Group meets every first and third Wednesday of the month and is open to the community.

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