A little introduction…

Hi there! My name is Suzi and wanted to do a quick little introduction about myself and share some things I may be posting about from time to time!

I’m relatively new to CHI and to SLMNT. We moved here a few months ago for my husbands job from Indiana, but are both originally East Coasters (Florida and Virginia). Before becoming a SAHM, I taught Elementary School with a focus on Literacy in grades  K-3. I love being home, teaching my kids, doing crafts and baking. Thankfully my kids play along as we try to make each day fun-filled! We are quickly adjusting to city life with 3 little ones and 2 dogs, and yes, it is complete chaos at times!

With that said, I thought it’d be fun to add one more thing to the mix and blog here from time to time. I hope to share things that focus on our kids! Anything from crafting, to kids in the kitchen (cooking and baking) as well as educational ideas and activities.

I look forward to posting again soon and if you ever have any questions or thoughts to add, please feel free to email me or leave a comment!

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